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School Holiday Pattern 2020/21

Autumn Term 2020
Teacher Training day 1Tuesday 1 September
Teacher Training day 2Wednesday 2 September
Children back to schoolThursday 3 September
Close after schoolFriday 23 October
Children back to schoolMonday 2 November
Close after school - 2pmFriday 18 December
Spring Term 2021
Teacher Training day 3Monday 4 January
Children back to schoolTuesday 5 January
Close after schoolFriday 12 February
Children back to schoolMonday 22 February
Close after school - 2pmFriday 26 March
Summer Term 2021
Children back to schoolMonday 12 April
May Day(School Closed)Monday 3 May
Key Stage 1 SAT’s (Year 2)During the month of May
Key Stage 2 SATS (Year 6)Monday to Thursday May … tbc
Close after schoolFriday 28 May
Children back to schoolMonday 7 June
Close after school - 2pmFriday 16 July
Teacher Training day 4Monday 19 July
Teacher Training day 5Tuesday 20 July