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The school cook, Agata, and her team, Petra and Leanne, work closely with gardening team to incorporate fresh seasonal produce in to the delicious meals they produce each day. Potatoes are used with roasts, raspberries in cakes and cucumbers and tomatoes can be found at the salad bar and we are proud of the kitchen’s Silver Food for Life award.

There is a choice of hot and cold food, including hot meat and vegetarian dishes as well as a seasonally changing salad bar manned by our Year 5 volunteers. There is also a choice of dessert dishes, including fresh fruit and yoghurt. Children make their choice during morning register and wear the appropriate coloured wrist band to ensure they get their choice. Provision is also made for children who require a special diet (vegan/halal/allergies).

Most families take up the option of a warm and nutritious lunch for their child. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are all able to get a UIFSM (Universal Infant Free School Meal) which is paid for through government funding. Some families (Year 3 and above), in receipt of benefits, may be entitled to free school meals and the school will support these families to receive government funded free meals.

Important note: Do not include nuts in packed lunches or any food (e.g. birthday cakes) sent to school as they could cause serious harm to some of our children with allergies. Please help us to keep all our children safe. 

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