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At Willow Lane we place great importance on children attending school regularly and punctually. Good attendance is vital for your child to progress effectively. We want all children to take full advantage of school and to gain the appropriate skills, which will equip them for life. If your child is ill we ask parents/carers to inform school on the first day of absence by phone call. If the school is not provided with a reason for the absence, this is marked as ‘unauthorised’.

Parents/Carers are asked where possible to make medical appointments after school hours. If they need to be made in school time, where possible, they should be made later in the school day. We advise that holidays should not be taken in term time. Holidays will not be authorised unless in exceptional circumstances. Where there are serious concerns regarding a child’s attendance, or unauthorised holidays are taken, the Local Authority can be asked to issue a fixed penalty notice in line with Lancashire’s policy.

The full Attendance Policy is available on the policies page and from the school office.