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Online Safety

Dear mums, dads and carers,

During these strange times, children are likely to be on devices and the internet more than normal. If you have any concerns or want any advice on how to keep children safe online then please visit our ‘Online Safety page within the mums, dads and carers section. This has links to the latest national guidance and support. Attached are also two recent pdfs which you may find useful. There is also a video of a traditional story with a twist on your child’s Seesaw account to teach an important online behaviour message.

All children at our school have had lessons in online safety and all children know to tell a trusted adult if they have any ‘yucky feelings’ about what they have seen or been told. If you have any concerns about what your child sees or hears online then please follow the suggested links or contact school.

Thank you and stay safe – both in the real world and online,

Mr MacKinnon