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Hey there!
I appreciate this is a little last minute but we have a discount code to share with families in any newsletters or emails you may have space in.
The show is called, Juanita’s Big Problem, it is on at the Dukes on 29th May at 11am. The show uses circus skills to discuss recycling with children, it allows them to get hands on and be fully involved in the show.
the official description is “Juanita the cleaner has been collecting her rubbish for one whole year. But what can she do with her mountain of plastic? Where will it end up? She needs your help
Climate-consicous Juanita wants to lift the lid on our recycling bins. Where does all that plastic we recycle actually go? What can we do to stop it? Juanita can’t answer these questions on her own – she needs you to help her. So she invites you to assist in fulfilling her quest for a plastic-free world. Clown Juanita tackles plastic pollution in a provocative, entertaining and ridiculous way. An important, urgent and utterly hilarious show full of hope for our future.
We have to listen to Juanita’s Big Problem – because it’s time we cleaned up our act!”
our discount code is £5tickets and it can be used on our website or quoted to a member of staff in box office to receive all tickets purchased for the show at £5 each.

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