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Children’s Mental Health Week and FA Week 5th-9th Feb

Next week is Children’s Mental Health Week AND School’s Football Week. 

The focus of the week is: Expressing ourselves, the child’s voice and the values of football.

We will be carrying out 30 min sessions each day that look at mental health, voice of the child and aspects of our school and what the children think about it/ideas.

The children will also be having football based PE lessons and tournaments.

There will be a special football assembly on Wednesday and a Mental Health Assembly and penalty shoot out on Friday.

On Tuesday: To help celebrate individuality, the children can come to school in whatever they choose that expresses who they are. The only things not allowed are hooped earrings and high heels (due to safety). 

On Wednesday: They can come to school in a football kit if they have one or their usual active uniform.

On Friday: They can then come in any sports kit of their choice for the shoot out (year 4/5 will still be swimming).

We ask that if you can, you could donate £1 for us to donate to Place to Be in support of Children’s Mental Health Week.


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